Though it may not be as popular as Tilt Brush, Blocks, or Oculus Medium, Tvori remains one of VR’s most versatile and best art apps, enabling you to create and animate scenes regardless of skillset. The app’s latest update, arriving this month, allows you to create even better scenes.

One of the biggest additions to Tvori 0.3 is sound, for example. Not only can you now implement audio clips to be a part of your scene, but you can make them yourself inside VR using your headset’s microphone, too.

Simply grab a virtual mic and you can create audio files that appear as orbs. Pick up and place those orbs just like you would any other object in Tvori to position the origin of the sound within the environment and then blend it with the existing animation framework to trigger timings.

In other words, you can take an audio file and place it inside a character’s head. It gives the illusion of the character model speaking and further expands what you can do with Tvori.

Sound isn’t the only thing you can import, though. You can now bring other 3D assets and images into Tvori. Read more from…

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