No media source currently available High-Tech Treadmill Uses Virtual Reality to Encourage Cardiovascular Fitness Businesses are finding more uses for Virtual Reality (VR) as the technology develops. VR is no longer only for gaming or enjoyment.

An American company called Blue Goji is using VR to improve one’s health by making exercise more fun. Blue Goji has offices in Austin, the capital of Texas.

The company demonstrated its cardiovascular workout machine, called the Infinity treadmill, at the recent South by Southwest festival. The event is held every year in Austin.

A person using the treadmill wears a virtual reality headset when exercising. Before starting, the user is connected to a belt to prevent falls.

Then, the user plays a VR game while running on the machine. The game can transport the user into the virtual world, where he or she can be racing against virtual people. Read more from…

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