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Privacy Policy Now Playing: GS News Update: Valve Is Making Three “Full” VR Games Valve boss Gabe Newell has signaled an end to the company’s long hiatus. At a talk yesterday, the president said the company is “going to start shipping games again.”

He also opened up about why the pace of its releases slowed down so much, and what’s changed since then. The presentation (via PC Gamer) was centered mostly on Artifact, the Dota 2-themed card game announced last year.

But he made sure to point out that it’s not the only game on Valve’s slate. He explicitly said that it’s “the first of several games” coming from the studio.

Since the release of Dota 2, Valve’s gaming efforts have been focused mostly on supporting it and Team Fortress 2. As for why Valve moved away from games, Newell frankly said he was concerned about PCs becoming more of a closed system.

He said his investments into Vive were an effort to “offset” the impact of Microsoft and Facebook looking into OS and VR concepts that the company considered less open. The result has been a newly revised Valve that he says feels comfortable in hardware design as well as software. Read more from…

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