A UCF student built a video game based on virtual reality. Hezekiah Olopade has just received a lesson in building video games.

Now that his virtual reality-based escape room has been built, however, the 26-year-old University of Central Florida student must find a way to pay for its development if he wants to push forward with his team of five. That means trying to get investors to play the game.

“It’s a different world when you’re in there,” said Olopade, a student in UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy program. There have been few homegrown financial victories in Central Florida’s video game industry in recent years, despite the region being home to two of the most prestigious schools in the U.S. UCF and Full Sail University both regularly land on The Princeton Review’s annual list of top video game schools in the country and constantly churn out graduates, whose specialties include game design, art direction and programming.

Central Florida-based investment group Florida Angel Nexus has invested close to $2 million into HypSports, an app-based business that is less like traditional video games and is more like a fantasy sports game. The company, which started its development in 2016, was created by a former Electronic Arts executive.

Video game companies, like other small businesses, must prove to investors that their games will have staying power, tech investor Benjamin Patz said. “The main question is whether it’s going to be successful,” said Patz, managing director of the Florida Angel Nexus. Read more from orlandosentinel.com…

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