An airline in Japan is offering consumers an in-flight experience — without actually going anywhere. First Airlines is giving those who want to travel, but have limitations such as money or health, a chance to discover what a plane ride is like through a “virtual reality airline.”  Airlines are banning ‘smart’ luggage – here’s what you need to know While the airline probably won’t provide some of air travel’s not-so-glamorous features, such as crying babies, snoring passengers and bathroom lines, it will have plenty to offer.

The virtual experience will ask customers to sit a room designed like a plane, then put on virtual reality glasses. According to CNN, the “passengers” will get a first-class or business class travel experience complete with flight attendants and gourmet meals.

WATCH: Travel expert provides tips before travelling internationally They’ll then arrive at their destination, such as New York, Paris, Rome or Hawaii, and receive a virtual 360 degrees tour of the region. Then, they’ll land without ever dealing with airport customs, lineups or baggage fees.

The entire experience will be 111 minutes, according to the airline’s website. Each experience, depending on different packages, will cost between 4,980 to 5,980 yen — that’s about C$59 to C$71. Tokyo residents interested in trying out the virtual reality experience can book their tickets on the airline’s website now.

First Airlines shared photos of what the experience will look like: First Airlines manager Hirokai Ab, explained to CNN why he thinks the idea will attract customers. “For me, it’s difficult to have a trip because of the costs, like time and money,” he said. “If I can easily access the airport and take a flight even though it’s virtual, I thought it would be so cool.” Read more from…

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