Posted: Mar 09, 2018 05:20 PM CST MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – A new business in Cordova is among only a handful of its kind in the nation. Bluff City VR is hoping to take traditional arcade to the next level.

The virtual reality arcade is located on Germantown Parkway. Players use a special headset and controllers to navigate 3-D environments.

There are a wide range of games that simulate everything from being underwater to working as a mechanic on cars. The owner say it’s an experience that people don’t fully appreciate until they try it for themselves.

“You really feel like you are literally in a different plane or dimension or world from what you actually are. You really feel like you are inside the game,” says David Callahan, owner of Bluff City VR.

Bluff City VR has only been open for about a month but is already receiving rave reviews from customers. With 3.5 seconds on the clock, Kareem Brewton Jr. pushed the UPDATE 3/9/2018: Davoris Polk Oops. Read more from…

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