February 1, 2018 by George Johnston Leave a Comment A teen tests out the Oculus Rift at the Benicia Public Library. (Photo courtesy of Allison Angell) Walls of reality are collapsing at the Benicia Public Library.

Well, not really, but the new virtual reality programs at the Benicia Library are blurring those lines. The Library began its virtual reality program through Califa Library Group, a nonprofit library membership consortium.

Califa began sending California libraries emails asking libraries if their institutions would be interested in starting a virtual reality program at their individual branches. This mass inquiry came after Califa received funding from state grants and donations of VR sets from virtual reality manufacturers.

Benicia Public Library staff said yes to the email, and Califa sent the library an Oculus Rift. Aug.

27 was the first VR event at the Benicia Library. In October, the library received an HTC Vive virtual reality set. Read more from beniciaheraldonline.com…

thumbnail courtesy of beniciaheraldonline.com