Indian virtual reality content developers have been active since 2015. Though access to technology and expertise in this fully immersive 360-degree visual environment has improved, it still faces challenges due to limited access to equipment.

Yet, virtual reality filmmaking in India is slowly becoming popular. Besides housing one of the biggest film industries in the world, India is also one of the most important emerging markets for technology products and particularly smartphone technology.

With fast growing internet user population, where more than 300 million Indians are using smartphones and approximately 12 pc among them have access to 4G services, one would imagine that new forms of story telling such as virtual reality (VR) would boom. Usually good at popularising technological innovations, when it comes to VR, India lags behind many countries including China, the US, and Japan.

In China, the government backs VR development where it is seen as contributing to an “innovative world economy.” For similar reasons, the US is expected to be the top spender in VR and Augment Reality (AR) in the coming years. In India, while virtual reality is witnessing slow adoption, a mass-level VR impact is not yet visible – neither from a consumer nor an investor perspective.

It seems, however, that the constraints on VR’s reach in India have encouraged creativity. Despite the fact that until recently many VR headsets were not available in Indian stores and most of 360° capture systems are still not available, there are a few creative pioneers in Indian VR filmmaking. Read more from…

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