Thanks to virtual reality, you can swim with the dolphins, play some tennis, or spend some alone time, all from the comfort of your own living room. But it’s not yet perfect — a horrible wave of nausea can hit anytime, right in the middle of these activities.

This problem — motion sickness caused by laggy, choppy virtual reality experiences — has been around since the technology first emerged. Yes, virtual reality isn’t perfect.

But there’s reason to believe that virtual reality technology has finally proved that it’s here to stay. “VR isn’t where I want it to be, but this current generation of products — I think it’s proved that VR is real,” David Ewalt told Futurism.

Ewalt is a writer and journalist who focuses on new technology. His book on virtual reality, “Defying Reality” was published on July 17.

“It’s not hype anymore,” he added. “It needs to get much better, but I think we reached that tipping point where you can try the products we have now and say, ‘damn, that really works. Read more from…

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