March 18, 2018 08:00:00 When Zofia Joshi comes into a room these days, she’s on six legs. Four of those are attached to a walking frame she’s increasingly relied on since the onset of Parkinson’s disease nine years ago.

However, another version of Ms Joshi — her avatar — walks upright on just two. There’s no frame needed, just like she moved when she was younger.

“I’m here to learn about avatars and how to make them, and for once have the jump on the young people in my life!” she laughs.

Ms Joshi, 75, is a ‘technology explorer’. For the last year she and a group of friends have been working with Steven Baker from Melbourne University to create a virtual world for older people, where they can interact as digital avatars of themselves.

What that avatar looks like is totally up to them, and their imagination. For Ms Joshi, this meant a younger version of herself, with a checked shirt, jeans and red designer glasses. Read more from…

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