More than a dozen Calgary seniors living with dementia are visiting local attractions such as the Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park and the Calgary Stampede and all without ever leaving their home. Sharon Quinn just saw a tiger at the Calgary Zoo and she’s loving it.

“It was just great,” Quinn told CBC News. But she didn’t physically go to the zoo.

She experienced it through the lenses of virtual reality goggles. She’s one of 12 seniors with dementia enjoying a virtual reality pilot project.

The 82-year-old visited the zoo, Heritage Park and even the Sydney Opera House, captured in 3D using a 360-degree camera. “I like the fact we can go and enjoy different things.

There are things in all of them that I like. There are so many things that you can do and it’s nice to be able to get a feeling for it and then you can go and see it really, if you want to,” she said with a smile. Read more from…

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