Virtual Reality platform ImmVRse have announced a new partnership with blockchain marketplace Origin Protocol. The move will see improved security and a shortened development lifecycle for the creative platform, and a new market offering with enormous upside potential for the technology company.

The London-based ImmVRse offers a decentralized digital Virtual Reality (VR) content sharing platform for brands looking to utilize VR technology and link them with content creators in a convenient way. The platform will allow VR content creators, brands and advertisers around the world to inspire, collaborate, and produce some of the highest-quality VR content available online.

ImmVRse is backed by a diverse collection of experts including IT Management, VR, computer security and blockchain development. Unlike centralized platforms that risk server downtime and data hacks, ImmVRse aims to develop a distributed application that will offer a cryptographically secure process to encrypt sensitive user data, and index information on decentralized nodes using Interplanetary File System (IPFS) gateway.                                  Origin Protocol is a technology company from San Francisco, backed by the renowned Pantera Capital, that is building a sharing economy free from intermediaries.

Its core belief is lowering transaction fees, reducing censorship and regulation, and giving early participants in the community a stake in the network. It empowering developers and businesses to build decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain.

These marketplaces will permit blockchain startups to redistribute the control of information to its users. This sharing economy marketplace, allows buyers and sellers of fractional use goods and services to transact on a distributed open network. Read more from…

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