SAN DIEGO — Rickie Fowler is teaming up with Success Series and have released a first of its kind instructional golf series using virtual reality. Through a pair of virtual reality goggles, Fowler comes to you in what feels like a private golf lesson.

At the touch of your finger, Fowler, a Murrieta native, can coach and share inside tips to golf through virtual reality. “Virtual reality is pretty cool to see,” said Fowler.

“Whether it’s through video games, through movies and to now seeing what’s possible with us being able to connect on a different level with fans and with people who want to learn, not just in golf but in other platforms and other sports.” “The idea is for users to be able to engage with their favorite celebrity or star one-on-one -n VR,” said Anthony Puntoriero, the founder and CEO of Success Series.

“It’s something that we feel can really enhance the learning experience and give people a really fun and entertaining time at that.” Fowler is the brand ambassador for Success Series, the only product on the market to offer exclusive VR lessons.

“The shots, the chipping, the putting, throughout the whole bag,” said Fowler. “The way we shot it and how close the cameras are, it’ll feel like you can reach out and almost interrupt the swing that I’m about to make.” Read more from…

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