Cutters Studios is very proud to announce the addition of internationally acclaimed editor Livio Sanchez to its New York staff, effective immediately. The announcement was made by New York Executive Producer Elizabeth Krajewski.

Well known as the editor of Budweiser’s iconic original “Wassup” spot, Sanchez has cut high-profile commercials for premier brands, their agencies and many of the world’s leading directors as a staff editor for Mad River Post, The Whitehouse, Final Cut, Beast and Spot Welders… earning top industry honors along the way, including a Cannes Gold Lion.

Equally famed for his editorial artistry for premiere talents in the field of music videos (Arcade Fire, Courtney Love, Gnarls Barkley, Green Day, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, U2, to name but a few), over the past several years, Sanchez has emerged as a pioneer storyteller in the field of Virtual Reality and interactive media. From his rapidly expanding body of work reflecting cutting-edge storytelling innovation, Sanchez was the lead editor for The New York Times VR film “The Displaced,” which won the Cannes Lions Entertainment Grand Prix in 2016.

His recent projects have become star attractions at Comic-Con, SXSW, the Tribeca Film Festival and beyond. They include the “Look But With Love” Within original immersive series produced by Here Be Dragons and SOC Films; the “Mr. Robot Virtual Reality Experience” written and directed by the renowned series’ creator and showrunner Sam Esmail, developed for USA Network by Here Be Dragons and Within; and “The National: Something Out of Nothing” VR Experience for the New York Times, directed by Academy Award nominee Marshall Curry.  Since 2015, Sanchez has also worked closely with Academy Award winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth through the production company Cause & Affect Media.

Their collaborations include the four-part Netflix documentary “Daughters of Destiny” written and directed by Roth, and another documentary short she directed, “The Girl and The Picture.” With a deep passion for visual and emotional resonance, inspired by his work with the above-mentioned directors as well as Kathryn Bigelow, Sebastian Cordero, Christopher Guest, Scott Hicks, The Hughes Brothers, Janusz Kaminski, Tony Kaye, Chris Milk, Charles Stone III, and Marc Webb, Sanchez feels he is joining Cutters Studios at the perfect time. Read more from…

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