Last night, the VR/AR Association’s D.C. chapter hosted an event at La Vie in the Wharf.

But its attendees were coasting along the Pyrenees Mountains and above the Great Pyramid of Gyza. Rooftop Realities, co-hosted by Discovery and Brightline Interactive, invited guests to explore virtual reality through a collection of devices at the forefront of the consumer market.

An Oculus Go station put users in all sorts of virtual landscapes to look around and explore through a headset. A Google Earth VR app, aided by just two cameras, let me fly to anywhere in the world, turning left and right to check out the scenery.

And a simple augmented reality setup showed me on screen popping a champagne bottle and spraying it – without having to pop the cork. The room covered the spectrum of D.C.’s VR and AR adopters, from a freelance 360-degree videographer to Discovery’s Interactive Creative Director Cory Key.

Key landed Discovery in the VR scene with an Emmy-winning splash in 2013 with Skywire Live, where a 360-degree video showed the perspective of Nik Wallenda as he walked a tightrope across the Grand Canyon. He said Discovery has since garnered 190 million video views on similar content. Read more from…

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