Topic: Virtual Reality If it’s a black bear, raise your arms and make lots of noise. If it’s a brown bear, drop to the ground and pray.

That’s the short version of any wilderness course covering bear encounters. But no matter how much hikers and campers internalize instructions, book learning tends to go out the window when confronted with a 600 pound giant.

A company from Prince George, British Columbia, thinks virtual reality is the answer, and it’s part of a growing number of companies aimed at training preparing people for high-stress situations. VR Training Solutions has come up with a VR experience that emulates a bear encounter.

The idea is to immerse the user in a situation that requires quick decision-making with significant consequences. “This is as real as it gets without being attacked.

It is the most effective training tool I’ve seen,” according to Dan Le Grandeur, Bear Scare Inc., a wildlife management and training organization based in Canada. “I definitely want to add this to our bear safety training programs.” Read more from…

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