The Managing Director of Skyview Communications, Mr Femi Lawson, says Nigeria’s tourism industry needs to apply the technology of virtual reality to improve. “Virtual reality is how other countries sell their tourist attractions; when you view the country’s tourist attractions through virtual reality, everyone will benefit from what it brings, Lawson said on Sunday.

Skyview Communications is a brand development and marketing company. Virtual tourism is a simulation of an existing tourist location.

It is composed of a sequence of videos or still images which may involve some multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration and text. Lawson said that Nigeria’s tourism industry had the potential to create jobs and generate revenues. “What we are doing through virtual tourism is to create a platform to help players in the industry to enjoy their work and make more profits.

“We are not creating a different tourism system; we are trying to innovate the existing system of tourism. “This platform is to help us to sell other platforms,’’ he said.

The managing director noted that Skyview Communications, in partnership with the Tourism Innovation and Development Advantage (TIDA), would launch the virtual reality project on Feb. 7 in Lagos. Read more from…

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