“For those that think that it hasn’t caught on yet, I think they’d be surprised to know actually how much it has already.” Reality Bytes co-founder Alex Paull is talking about virtual reality. On Feb.

22, Reality Bytes, a Chicago-based on-demand virtual reality company, came to The Garage at Northwestern, bringing along an assortment of their state-of-the-art virtual reality gear. The purpose of the event was to show Northwestern students how to use the technology, as well as to teach them how virtual and augmented reality are making waves in almost every professional field imaginable.

Last January, a friend of Paull and co-founder Lorne Rodrigues stopped in a pub in England that had a virtual reality setup in the corner. His experience sparked an “aha moment,” and he told Paull and Rodrigues. Hearing how their friend felt after trying VR made them want to spread similar experiences to the masses.

They decided to spread life-changing and immersive experiences like these through an on-demand VR company for schools, entertainment industries and the business world. Paull and Rodrigues kicked off the event with pizza and a presentation defining VR, sharing its surprisingly long history and detailing its fascinating uses in 2018.

VR Demonstration at the Garage Photo by Zoe Grossinger / North by Northwestern “It’s turning a corner now, where the practical uses are coming out of the woodwork, and really big industries are starting to utilize it,” Paull said. “Whether it’s for movies, concerts, entertainment, design, medical training, you name it virtual reality is finding a home in everyday industries.” One of the major applications of virtual reality is in education. Read more from northbynorthwestern.com…

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