The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and game developers have used virtual reality technology to simulate sports being played on the Moon. More than 50 participants were divided into 14 teams for a contest held in Tokyo on Sunday.

They used data provided by JAXA for their simulations of what it would be like to play sports on the Moon’s surface. One team came up with the idea of a lunar marathon.

A video of the Moon’s surface was projected on a display made from an umbrella. A rubber belt was used to replicate the weak gravity of the Moon.

A man who tried the simulator said only a few people have been to the Moon so far, and it’s exciting to think about what could be done there. Japan’s first female astronaut, Chiaki Mukai, was one of the judges.

She said virtual reality can broaden people’s horizons, allowing them to see and think about things from different perspectives. Read more from…

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