We play VR, walk, run, swim, cycle, climb, box, and lift to stay fit, strong and healthy. Some futurists expect that “health conscious” people of the future will be taking pills that alter their DNA to exercise themselves.

This may sound welcoming to couch potatoes waiting around for a one-stop solution to weight loss or health, but is years (longer) in the making and an unrealistic quick fix. Unlike a hypothetical pill, VR fitness is an exhilarating, adventurous, and reliable way to carve off those pesky pounds, build up and tone muscle, and feel more empowered!

VR workouts are so stimulating and rewarding to our brains that players are quickly sent into immersive states that make exercising fly by and feel less tedious. Think about Las Vegas casinos and how there are no clocks anywhere — time flies when you’re having fun!

The same idea rings true for VR, except replace video poker for 360-degree environments you can interact with and instead of winning money players become fit! When a gym goer or a beginner jumps into a VR cable resistance machine like Black Box VR they quickly see and feel what the gym of the (near) future looks like.

Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis, fitness industry leaders and formerly of Bodybuilding.com, fused VR with fitness by attaching Vive tracked armbands to their cable system to stand in as weapons and special abilities in virtual sport and training games. Preston Lewis spoke with Forbes about what their VR gym of the future brings to both the VR and fitness industries, “One key differentiator is our patent-pending dynamic resistance machine that is specifically designed to deliver real resistance in a virtual environment. Read more from vrfitnessinsider.com…

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