by Kyle Jepson
— 1 hour ago
in Contributors It’s your first day at a new job, and you’re stuck going to corporate training. But instead of going to a training room and listening to the HR director drone on about the vacation policy, you’re directed to the IT desk.

You’re greeted there by a friendly college intern. “Welcome to work,” she says, handing you a box. “Here’s your VR headset.

Enjoy orientation!” A recent survey found that approximately half of professionals would be interested in learning something new in a virtual reality environment. So regardless of whether the idea of virtual training makes your heart skip a beat or stop altogether, you’re in pretty good company.

It might be. There hasn’t been a ton of research done on the educational uses of VR, but the one in-depth study that has been done was optimistic.

Researchers created a virtual castle (“the memory palace,” named for an old mnemonic device of the same name) and placed pictures of various celebrities throughout it. One group of research subjects got to explore the castle using a VR headset while another group explored it using a computer and mouse. Read more from…

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