VR Kanojo, which went on sale last year for Oculus and Vive, gives you a VR girlfriend and several girlfriend-ish scenarios with which to spend time with her. One scenario, “Studying,” is really just a thinly-veiled excuse to watch your girlfriend lounge around in whatever outfit you chose for her: regular clothes, maid outfits, or nothing but underwear and stockings.

At the beginning, my girlfriend—a doe-eyed young Japanese girl whose response to pretty much anything is to squeak—saw a cockroach, and climbed up on a chair, squeaking. When she had calmed down, she declared that she was bored of studying and went to lie on the bed.

Once she did so, she started glowing, and it turned out that the glowing was an invitation to touch her anywhere I liked, whether PG- or R-rated, and watch her squirm and squeak in that coy sort of way that means she was actually enjoying it. And yet, VR Kanojo is actually not all that seedy for a game that’s pretty much about touching up a woman with an ample bosom.

Yes, there are explicit sexual scenarios that almost run the full gamut from handjobs to blowjobs to different sexual positions that are only made slightly weird by the fact that the genitalia, for Japanese censorship reasons, are pink pixelated blobs. But there are also a lot of moments of shyness that you might expect from a young, albeit sexually active, girl.

At one point, my girlfriend, after spilling water on herself, asked me to turn around while she got changed. Note that, because of the aforementioned outfit-choosing, she was wearing only panties. Read more from kotaku.com…

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