Having reliable and trusted measurement within 3D space is important and for FARO, it is what the business is focused on providing measurement and imaging solutions for 3D factory, construction, product design, and public safety forensics. Now the company has announced it has made a strategic minority investment in present4D, a leading solutions provider for professional grade virtual reality (VR) presentations and training environments.

Present4D is a full-service VR solutions provider that allows users to take advantage of their VR-Suite software to easily create professional VR presentations numerous business applications, without the need for any programming knowledge. Have implemented more than 100 VR projects at industrial customers worldwide for marketing, trade fairs, company presentations, training and much more, present4D are a well-known and trusted company.

“We are very excited to have present4D as a strategic partner, which is uniquely positioned to drive adoption of virtual reality solutions across a broad spectrum of business and industrial applications,” stated Dr. Simon Raab, President and CEO of FARO. “This investment represents a unique opportunity for FARO and is an important part of our innovation strategy with VR tools and applications in our target vertical markets.

The market potential for these powerful presentation and training tools, which can incorporate augmented 3D point cloud data, is very promising. We look forward to a very close and creative partnership of our development teams that we believe will be beneficial to FARO’s customers.” The investment is a big step forward for both companies allowing them to work closer together, assisting in the development of both products and allowing present4D a chance to expand and grow.

As FARO looks to bring its product to the forefront of the industry working with present4D and their expertise will be a key part of ensuring they have a clear roadmap moving forward. Likewise for present4D, having the support and backing of FARO is sure to be fundamental part of the companies future. Read more from vrfocus.com…

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