Two years into the era of consumer VR and user comfort remains a huge concern, particularly when it comes to moving around inside virtual environments. But the developers of Sublevel Zero want to take much of the legwork out of making VR accessible for all.

To that end, Sigtrap Games this week announced VR Tunnelling Pro, a Unity plug-in coming to the asset store that quickly adds in customizable comfort options to your project. As the name suggests, the plug-in is primarily focused on tunnelling, which refers to controlling the user’s field of view (FOV) to reduce the risk of simulation sickness when moving in VR.

You’ve likely already seen this method in effect: games like Skyrim VR have optional tunneling effects for when you traverse their virtual worlds with smooth locomotion. It essentially limits your peripheral vision as you move by increasingly darkening the edges of the screen.

The restricted view can make movement far less overwhelming for users that suffer from sickness in VR. You can see it in action in the below trailer that uses Sigtrap’s cockpit shooter, Sublevel Zero, as a showcase.

VR Tunnelling Pro, which is designed to work for all major VR platforms from PC to mobile and standalone, automates this tunnelling process for your game whilst also providing options for you to customize it. Instead of simply fading the edges of the screen to black, for example, you might instead choose to blur the image to maintain a sense of being in the world. Read more from…

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