Seattle-based startup Vreal raised an $11.7 million Series A round of funding for its VR broadcasting platform. Vreal is a bit like Twitch for VR.

You can record an experience and relive it with friends or family later. You could also share it publicly and let everyone relive the moment.

You can even broadcast live with others in your space invisibly watching you like ghosts. The recording includes the environment, movement of players, their interactions and voices so the moment can be revisited.

Ebenezer Scrooge walking through a memory with the Ghost of Christmas Past is a pretty close analogy to how Vreal captures VR experiences and allows you to relive them with someone else. Support is also planned for voice chat with live VR viewers. Vreal is initially integrating with Gorn, Arizona Sunshine, Surgeon Simulator and Superhot.

The service is in a closed testing phase now, but you can express your interest via a Google form. The company aims to offer a wider testing release this summer. Read more from…

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