Animoji allow you to turn your face into a monkey, robot, cat, dog, alien, fox, pig, panda, rabbit, cockerel, unicorn or even a heap of poop – but an app from a Japanese developer will soon let you turn it into nothing at all DesignTaxi spotted a tweet by a Japanese developer. In an amazing yet unsettling tweet by @noshipu, also known as Kazuya Noshiro, the Japanese app developer for AR and VR-cum-CEO of game development company ViRD teased his followers with a sneak preview on a work-in-progress app.

The 10-second footage shows a man’s face completely camouflaged into his surroundings, forming a visual reminiscent of someone wearing a skin care face mask. The app is a work in progress, and is being created using the game development platform Unity.

We’ve previously seen this combined with ARKit to show potential film-making applications. You can watch the video in his tweet.

It’s not known when the app will be released, or whether it will have any functionality beyond the fun of making yourself invisible. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news: Apple’s bezel-less, premium 10th anniversary smartphone.

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