If you’re someone who likes to design, create and wants to experience the future of making things, then Autodesk University, India & SAARC, 2017 is the place to be. The fourth Indian edition of this exciting event is happening for the first time in Bengaluru on Thursday, 14th December.

Autodesk University has always been the mecca of everything design and technology and with an overarching theme of ‘The Future of Making Things’ the event takes the excitement to a new level altogether. This year, the best brains from across fields such as architecture, construction, design, manufacturing, media and entertainment will come together and explore the future of design and engineering.

The future of making things is virtually disrupting every industry and by being a part of Autodesk University, here’s your chance of witnessing that disruption. As an organisation, Autodesk is committed to helping you thrive and succeed in the automation era and in many ways, the Autodesk University conference is a window into this very future.

Some of the key technology narratives that will be showcased at the Bengaluru event are Automation, Virtual Reality, Generative Design, Sustainable Design and Robotics and 3D Printing. A unique attraction at the event will be the Design Gallery, an exhibit of exceptional design and engineering from across the globe.

The gallery will feature a 3D printed model of the Apollo 11 command module, open for the audience to interact and explore; 3D printed sports prosthesis of athlete Denise Schindler, 3D printed steel bridge by MX3D, Hackrod Chassis, which is the world’s first car chassis designed using Artificial Intelligence, and 3D visualisation of Baroque Architecture. Another reason you must be at Autodesk University is if you want to explore the mind-boggling world of virtual reality (VR).

There’s a Virtual Reality Experiential Zone that will showcase unique VR experiences like the exploration of a Bentley vintage car, a BMW i8 and the interiors of a human cell in virtual reality. There’s more. Read more from thequint.com…

thumbnail courtesy of thequint.com