A 14-year-old wakes up on a Monday morning, gets dressed, grabs a packed lunch, and heads out the door. But instead of catching the bus to a traditional school, she visits a computer lab outfitted with pods containing VR goggles, speakers, and haptic gloves.

She will in nearly every sense travel for today’s history lesson to the dawn of time and witness humans discovering fire in a cave. She will smell the fire, touch the ashes, and hear the wind — except she won’t actually leave the lab.

While she’s in school, her mother “attends” church while sitting on the couch in the living room, and makes a donation by sending digital currency from her online wallet to the church’s. Her father picks up a new suit before his “visit” to the Beijing headquarters of a manufacturing company, without leaving his town in the suburbs of Chicago.

The suit is made of pixels. It doesn’t stain, rip, or need to be dry-cleaned, because it only exists inside of an online virtual world.

The virtual world this all describes could soon become very real. If this sounds familiar, that’s likely because this describes the OASIS virtual game and world that’s depicted in the record-breaking Steven Spielberg movie and best-selling Ernest Cline novel Ready Player One. Read more from themerkle.com…

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