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07 January 2018 Smart wearables Tizen Android Wear Gartner forcasted that 310.4 million wearable devices will be sold worldwide in 2017, an increase of 16.7% over 2016. Sales of wearable devices will generate revenue of $30.5 billion in 2017.

Gartner, Inc forecasted that 310.4 million wearable devices would be sold worldwide in 2017 As the table above clearly shows, the term wearables is a broad category covering more than just smartwatches and fitness trackers as it also encompasses VR headsets, Bluetooth headphones and smart clothing. Now that we’ve got the figures out of the way, let’s get a sampler of what we may see this year in this category.

Late last year Fitbit launched the Ionic, their long awaited smartwatch. It’s only now though that we’re starting to see additional apps appear and while software updates should ensure that the Ionic only gets better over time we’re not sure if that will help prospective customers get over the polarizing styling.

Very soon we will see the Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition launched. Primarily an exercise in branding, following the formula laid down by the Apple Nike Edition watches, it will be externally distinguishable by its sports-orientated strap while also providing additional training programs from Adidas.

The Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition The Fitbit Charge 2 was launched in Sept ’16 with an inbuilt Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and rapidly went on to become one of their best selling fitness devices. We used one extensively and our two biggest complaints were the lack of built-in GPS, instead relying on Assisted GPS from your phone, and any form of water resistance. Read more from gsmarena.com…

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