Topic: Virtual Reality To most consumers, Augmented Reality feels trapped in that nether world between proof of concept and demonstration of usefulness. The word hype is daily heaved into headlines (guilty), and there’s boring sport to be had in tracking the trackers of market disillusionment over mixed reality.

But enterprise customers are taking notice of AR/VR, and field service technicians, as I wrote recently, have become unlikely ambassadors for a technology that most agree will eventually permeate our daily lives. To find out why the field service industry is so gung-ho about AR/VR, I reached out to Mark Brewer, Global Industry Director for Service Management at IFS, a global enterprise software provider.

Our conversation has been edited lightly for ease of reading. MB: Field service is all about improving asset reliability and predicting failure before it even happens, while improving the customer experience and decreasing the costs of service.

In an ideal world, live video and AR can be used to provide remote support to the customer, eliminating the need to dispatch a technician at all. However, if a truck roll is required, augmented and virtual realities permit a service provider in the field to engage someone off-site into a firsthand projection of the project or scenario being handled in front of them.

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