Sometimes the future shows up so fast it hits us in the face, like a brick wall in a VR headset. Other times the miraculous promises of technology—the rearrange­ment of our very DNA, the blockchain-­enabled toppling of Facebook—are frustratingly slow to arrive.

But either way, the future is coming, and we should be ready. In the following pages we lay out a series of predictions, starting with some changes that are immediately upon us.

Then, looking down the road, we get ever-bolder in our prognostications, year by not-so-far-off year. —The Editors Hackers who disable power grids and detonate gas pipelines have been the villains of popular cyberparanoia for decades.

Until recently, they were as easy to dismiss as Die Hard’s Bruce ­Willis–thwarted infrastructural cyberpocalypse, circa 2007. But hackers are starting to catch up with Hollywood.

Over the past few years, each of these hacker attacks on infrastructure could have caused serious physical disruption or destruction. This Russia-linked malware switched off up to a third of the electricity in Kiev. Read more from…

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