Jamie Carter
5 hours ago

  When being four inches off the ground feels like 400 feet, the last thing you want to worry about is cables.  The Grand Canyon hot air balloon virtual reality (VR) experience showing at HTC’s booth at MWC 2018 has been designed by Janimation VR to take full advantage of the new T-shaped Vive Wireless Adapter on the HTC Vive Pro headset. It’s out in late summer (price TBC), and it’s awesome.

Strictly speaking, the experience is not VR, but MR – mixed reality. Janimation VR has attached a tracker to a real vintage hot air balloon basket, so the wearer sees and feels every slight move of the balloon in real-time.

It’s raised slightly off the floor for the demo, and it all feels amazingly tactile. You can touch everything.

As you put the headset on, you’re told to reach up and flick a switch to activate the burner. It’s a virtual switch, but it’s also a real switch.

You then feel heat against your head from the element as the ground below you disappears. You shoot into the sky above a high-resolution Grand Canyon. Read more from…

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