The future of video at NBC News isn’t at 30 Rockefeller Plaza — it’s at a co-working space off Union Square. NBC Left Field, a 12-person experimental video unit, launched last July with a simple but strategically vital mandate: to experiment with new ways of reporting, producing, and delivering video news, with a special focus on the habits and preferences of younger news consumers.

It’s one part digital video unit, one part emerging technology incubator. The unit’s early projects offer a glimpse of what that future might look like.

In a recent video about the reality of New Year’s resolutions, Left Field used Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality 3D painting technology, to illustrate points in real-time. The video is a follow up to a similar “mixed reality” video that explains the neurological roots of outrage, which was broadcast on Facebook Live.

Other videos have recreated the moon landing, tried to recreate the sound of tinnitus, and attempted to spend Jeff Bezos’ fortune. Matt Danzico, head of Left Field, said that the Tilt Brush video was one of the unit’s most exciting projects so far because it offers a vision of how video producers can use virtual reality to unlock new ways of telling familiar stories.

The tech is also deceptively simple to use. Because the on-screen elements are rendered in real time, they require no post-processing work, letting creators experiment quickly and easily. Read more from…

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