Ward also feels that Microsoft will ride out the Xbox One X for a few years. The PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X are conceptually very similar systems- functionally, too, they are equal, because even though the Xbox One X hardware is far more powerful than the PS4 Pro’s hardware is, the simple fact of the matter is that both, Microsoft and Sony have mandated that these new consoles need to be tethered to their base SKUs (the PS4 and Xbox One respectively)- in other words, developers can’t make Pro or One X exclusive games.

At best they can embellish existing games on the new platforms. What this means, then, is that even while the Xbox One X’s hard specs and performance are far better than the PS4 Pro’s, I don’t think there is that much of a difference to the end consumer. However, it seems like Lewis Ward, IDC’s Research Director, Gaming and VR/AR, does not.

In an exclusive interview with GamingBolt, Ward drew a difference between the Pro and the One X, noting that while Sony will implement and introduce a proper PS5 in a few years, Microsoft will want to ride out the One X for a while. “Pro is mostly a marketing gimmick,” he said, when asked about the question of a PS5 rather than further iterative upgrades from Sony.

“It’s nothing like Xbox One X in terms of the performance lift. It’s basically a standard console refresh, but Sony tweaked a few internals and got a 10% performance boost for the Pro.

Big whoop. Xbox One X is a much more fundamental redesign and it’s at least 40% more potent than the PS4 or the initial Xbox One SKUs. Read more from gamingbolt.com…

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