After E3 2018, we know for a fact that Microsoft is working on the Xbox Two – and Sony can’t be that far off with the PS5.  Beyond the fact that the next-generation consoles will exist, however, we don’t really know anything else beyond that. We know of a few games that have been teased for the next generation, sure, but in terms of what these consoles can actually do, it’s anyone’s guess.

We don’t have the answers outright, but in order to explore these questions, we decided it would be good to step back and ponder the future while looking at what Sony and Microsoft have done in the past. The results of this exercise are pure speculation, of course, but one that we hope will provide some good analysis on what the future holds for the two most dominant console platforms on earth.

We know that the Xbox Two is already in the works – as Phil Spencer stated at the Microsoft E3 2018 event. We know that it has the internal codename of Scarlett, even, thanks to a leaked report.

We’re not sure if it’s just a single console or, in fact, a whole family of them, but reports suggest the latter.   As for an exact release date, aside from some speculation that points towards a 2020 or 2021 launch window, we don’t have any concrete information about either the next Xbox or the PS5.

That said, we don’t think that Microsoft will be able to put out the next Xbox without a Sony console to give it some competition.  Given where we are right now in the gaming landscape, VR is probably going to be a huge battle ground for the next generation Read more from…

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