The VR party, which runs Fridays from July 6 to July 27 at Cesar Chavez Library, lets teens explore realistic and fantasy worlds. A link has been sent to your friend’s email address.

Cesar Chavez library had a VR party that allowed teens to use the Oculus VR set. Salinas High Student Omar Hernadez trying out VR at Cesar Chavez Library.

(Photo: Cristian Ponce/Staff photo)Buy Photo High school students gathered inside the Cesar Chavez Library in Salinas High school students clustered around another student, Omar Hernandez, as he sat in Salinas’s Cesar Chavez Library and seeming to stare intently. But he couldn’t see them.

In that moment, Hernandez was a fox, gathering coins and jumping across obstacles, all while defeating strange creatures in a foreign world. There in the library, the others could see a young man with his ears and eyes wrapped in expensive equipment — the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality system.

He held a joycon controller in each hand. But to Hernandez, the scenery was alive. Read more from…

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