Have you ever wanted to do bong hits with the crew from HBO’s Silicon Valley? Now you can–in VR.

To coincide with the show’s fifth season premiere, the hit-making cable channel is debuting Silicon Valley: Inside the Hacker Hostel, a virtual reality recreation of the infamous house where the show’s main characters have lived and failed, again and again, to build their business. [Photo: courtesy of HBO]Fans of the show will recognize many of the VR experience’s features–the Not Hot Dog app, the race to get “always blue,” the messy kitchen, and fridge, the original Pied Piper jacket, and even the Burning Man poster on the wall.

As they make their way through the house, they’ll encounter video challenges from Dinesh and Gilfoyle, and try to track down a secret message from Jared. You’ll have to try to help Richard solve a coding crisis, make toast, play piano, draw on a whiteboard, toss a few things in a garbage can, destroy old hard drives, and even play a little foosball.

Trust me, playing foosball in VR is hard, even with good hand controllers. All told, there are 750 interactive items in the experience, which should keep fans busy for awhile.

As with many VR experiences, the Silicon Valley project is fun. Those who have an HTC Vive can dive in and try to achieve as many of Dinesh and Gilfoyle’s goals as possible, but once they’ve done so, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll want to play again. Read more from fastcompany.com…

thumbnail courtesy of fastcompany.com