First up posts like this always give me a little more insight, so this is well worth the read…More at 15 Critical Business Success Tips after Five Years in Business [with special giveaway]

New Facebook Design Strategy

The New Facebook Pages design is here. For anyone in the Facebook marketing world, this means a lot of major changes. If you took advantage of the features of the timeline design for personal profiles, then the pages will feel similar. This guide will help you find what you’re going to like and hate about Facebook’s latest updates to pages, including how your brand or business can adapt….More at The Marketer’s Guide to the New Facebook Pages

Lead Nurturing Tips

Imagine this:

Boy meets girl. Boy asks girl out.

On their first date, boy asks, “Will you marry me?” Girl says no.

Boy promptly sends her phone number to the bottom of his list. Six months later, boy calls again….More at Lead Nurturing: Build trust, win more deals by helping prospects – not selling them


How to Break Writers Block.

Fear. Lack of confidence. Blank-page syndrome. Insecurities. Writer’s block.

These are the writing idea killers. Cater to them, and you’ll run out of words, live in doubt and constantly fight with your writing confidence.

Destroy them, and you’ve freed yourself from the psychological traps of writer’s block forever. Your writing becomes effortless, ideas flow from a fountain of creativity and words come easily, on demand….More at How to Smash Writer’s Block Forever

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