Our top stories series covers the news items and developments in new media that we believe will have a future bearing on your business and marketing.

This week we have Facebook changes, a Twitter analytic platform, Windows 8, HTML5, and a study on GroupOn.

First up Nielsen released their Q3 social media report that gives a little insight into the state of social media. No surprise that Facebook is king of the social web. Here’s our insight for the latest Nielsen Report.

Facebook New Features

Facebook announced some interesting new features. The subscribe button and smart lists. I predict the smart lists will be a welcome improvement to the Facebook platform, I’m still unsure on the impact of the next addition, the subscribe button. This allows you to subscribe to the public updates of people even if you aren’t friends. This button is the ability to choose what type of updates you get from friends; I think that is something that might get utilized by users.

EdgeRank and Your Facebook Page

A story from SearchEngineLand talks about a study from EdgeRank Checker blog that found if you update your Facebook page from certain API’s it will reduce your engagement. What this means is you should be updating your page manually to get best results and to get maximum engagement.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter is going to release an analytic portion of their service. I haven’t seen it yet but most things I read about it says it was based on the technology from a company they acquired called BackType. If the data from Twitter is more accurate than other analytic solutions this might be one more thing you will want to add to your toolbox.

Windows 8 and HTML5

Windows 8 made some news… it is too soon to make any predictions or to see how this will change the digital landscape. One thing to note though is that IE10 will be completely plugin free and have HTML5 greatness. Great move there. I’ve said on the podcast of a few months that if you market online or even want to be ahead of the curve that you should at least have a working knowledge of HTML5. Here’s a primer, although in parts it gets technical it will give you a good overview of why companies and tech is moving in this direction.

Other items of note from this week…

GroupOn and Reviews

Thinking about running a GroupOn? I still think its bad idea for any business to consider and there is a study that backs up this thought. They found that when a company runs a GroupOn reviews get negatively effected. You can view the study here and if you want a little more commentary I covered this on Tuesday’s show, GroupOn and Reviews.

Text Message a Local Business

The Disrupt conference was this week. That I think has been covered in a quite a few places but there was one start up that was intriquing . TalkTo.com allows people to connect to local businesses via text messages, even if the business isn’t aware of the technology.

Did I miss anything you think was big news this week?